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AKT Medical was created to provide and serve a patient in a more effective and efficient manner than the traditional durable medical equipment provider. Unlike other DMEs which often represent several products, AKT Medical deals solely with one product, the elite seat ®. Due to our unique situation, we are better educated to provide you, the patient, with the care and attention you deserve. The elite seat ® is a safe and cost-effective alternative to surgery designed to help achieve full knee extension in patients resulting in increased leg function and strength, decreased pain, and an enhanced quality of life. AKT Medical strives to help you, the patient, move closer toward complete knee rehabilitation through the use of the elite seat ® as quickly and effectively as possible.

Using the Elite Seat

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Introducing... the Elite Seat ®

Benefits -
  • Nonoperative Procedure
  • Patient Controlled Stretch
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Portable
  • User-Friendly


The elite seat® is a portable knee extension device designed for nonoperative treatments of degenerate knee conditions. By evenly distributing force across the leg, the elite seat® is an effective device for achieving full knee hyperextension and reducing pain in bent knees.

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