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AKT Medical is a unique DME provider designed to better serve the patient. AKT Medical was formed with the intent to dispense a single product, the elite seat , to patients as prescribed by their physicians. Due to our unique focus on only one product, we have in depth knowledge of the elite seat and are better able to work with you, your physicians, and your insurance company in an effort to move you to full knee extension as quickly as possible. We strive to educate the patient about all of the elite seat's advantages as well as the proper use of the product to ensure patient safety. We also follow up with patients frequently in order to stay in touch and be there to answer any questions. At AKT Medical we are able to provide you with the individual care you deserve and we make it our personal responsibility to see to it that your knee rehabilitation is carried out in a full, cost-effective manner. Our focus is on tailoring to each patient's needs and giving you the personal attention that you deserve in order to assure not only the successful rehabilitation of your knee but more importantly, your safety.


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